What is Makerspace?

Letter from MakerSpace Member Darin Davis...

I sent an email to Ms. Goebel on September 30th proclaiming my support of the MakerSpace proposal.  No reply as of now [October 29th].  

 The message follows:  

Ms. Goebel,  Hello my name is Darin Davis.  I live on  __________ Drive in your district.  We met once on one of your morning walks.  I was writing to express my support for the MakerSpace proposal at the old armory space.  I am a current member of the Dallas Makerspace located in Carrolton and can attest to the fact that a MakerSpace would be a truly positive addition to our neighborhood.  

I have read on our neighborhood forum some detracting views that are worried about increased traffic and t noise.   I believe there definitely would be increased traffic in the area.  However,  isn’t that the point of redevelopment of the area?  In terms of the tools being to loud and such,  not so much,  The loudest items are generally the wood shop tools and these are  located in a controlled access room that tends to not sonically affect the rest of the people inside the facility, let alone, anyone outside.  A dog park on the other hand would at times probably be quite a bit more noisy.  

The openness and cross generational makeup of the maker community would be a great fit with our community one that ultimately could have ties with both the parks and library system.  I recently attended a sewing class in Carrollton with my mother  who is not a member.  Most of the classes and events offered at MakerSpace are free and open to all.   I just realized I was writing a novel.  Sorry, That was the long;  the short of it is,  if I had a vote it would definitely be yes.  Thanks for your representation and consideration!  

Darin Davis

The City Council vote on October 17th to demolish the Armory ended any chance for the MakerSpace to lease that 38,000 square foot space, in which they were wiling to invest HALF A MILLION DOLLARS of their own money to bring it up to code and repurpose.