Pursuant to Article XII, Section 8 of the Charter of the City of Garland, Texas, a statement of intent to initiate recall proceedings has been duly delivered, naming as the person to be recalled Anita Goebel, Councilmember for District 2, Garland, Texas, and setting forth the following grounds for recall according to the statement of intent:

* "Failing to notify the citizens in Distict 2 about actions that would directly and negatively impact them and their quality of life."  

* "Refusing to answer or return phone calls and email messages from numerous constituents in her district."


* "Arrogantly disregarding--rather than representing--constituents' stated wishes, including disregarding their public testimony to the City Council." 

* "Exhibiting poor judgment by making major decisions affecting District 2 without adequate study of costs, neighborhood impact studies, site suitability studies, or understanding of consequences." 

* "Failing to provide the "transparency in government" that she promised upon taking office."

NOW, THEREFORE, if the returns of this petition are sufficient, timely, and in accordance with the law, this petition shall be submitted to the City Council without delay and, if the named official fails to resign, the City Council shall order an election for recall of that official within the time provided by the Charter and the laws of this State.