12/12/17: Recall Successful. 1026 signatures (949 verified voters) resulted in Goebel's resignation


What is this all about?

Central Park, Garland Texas

Council member Anita Goebel disregarded hundreds of the citizens she swore to represent, voting to squander millions of tax dollars by demolishing instead of leasing the Armory.  Read Recall Letter.  Learn more...

Wasn't the Armory useless?


With over 25,000 square feet, 30+ classrooms & a roof still under warranty... with the City having already paid to have asbestos removed... with a tax value of $700,000 and replacement value in the millions... with a nationally acclaimed non-profit interested in leasing it? Learn more...

What is MakerSpace?

Dallas Makerspace is a respected non-profit community workshop for local artists, engineers, and makers of all kinds, providing expensive tools and learning resources to the public. They wanted to invest half a million dollars of their own money to renovate the Armory.  Learn more...